• In-fill housing bayamon

    dwelling, Bayamon, Puerto rico 2015

    • Winner Entry - RFP Bayamon 2015

    We propose a holistic approach to this project. Although each lot will have the ability to work independently from the other we visualize the project as a complex of buildings which can collectively work as one with a strong and responsible impact on the urban context. The historic building continues to play a prominent role in the urban context as well as in the proposed scheme, acting the principal pedestrian entrance of the complex, and framed by new contemporary structures intentionally austere in architectural vocabulary, to contrast and in respect to the historic structure. A large courtyard serves as the common space around which all buildings feed of, serving as the organizing element of the complex and oasis of tranquility from the street noise and also as a green lung to help fight the heat island effect of the city.

    Looking for ways to reduce cost and help further the collective awareness for environmental responsibility, we decided to use recycled wood pallets as one of the principal materials of our scheme. Being an island where most materials come in packed in wood pallets; they have become an issue for our landfills and physical environment. With treatment the recycled wood, usually accessible for free, can be used for construction in numerous ways as we have proposed for this project in the form of sunscreens, panels, doors and benches. In the process we reduce construction costs, better comfort levels inside the units reducing heat transfer, reduce utilities costs as well as long term replacement costs as the raw material is free. We also help promote an image of a possible and sustainable future, raising public awareness for the imperative need of recycling in our society.

    In-Fill Housing Bayamon Interior Corridor

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