• X Pavilion

    Public Space, Atlanta 2015

    • 2nd Place - National Pavilion Design Competition 2015

    The project’s concept derives from the rich history of Atlanta. The driving of the initial stake marking for the railroad line’s Terminus, its representation for the original settlement and the ripple effect it had on the city’s eventual development, are the pillars that shaped our proposal for the Pavilion. Elements of fluidity represented in the transportation system together with Adair Park’s relation to the Arts and the need to reflect on our own contextual references, may them be historic, built, environmental, or others, were also fundamental in the development of what we see as an iconic landmark capable of strengthening the bond between this historic neighborhood, the Atlanta Beltline and the City of Atlanta.

    Reflection, as a symbol for multiplicity, was conceptually used.

    X Pavilion - Spectators Lawn

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